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Stock Investment map: How I approach a stock and invest?

Note: I am here sharing my stock market investment strategy as a retail investor. I prepare investment maps for each and every stock in my watch list. Investment maps help me in planning investment strategies according to my needs.   Stock Market investors employ different strategies to invest in stock markets according to their cash levels, [...]

Cash Flow Analysis for Investment Decisions

Author: Faisal Khan, Kolkata.   The cash flow is one of the most important financial statements and can reveal a lot about the company. Thus, analyzing the cash flow of a company can help investors make more sound investment decisions. Through this article I hope to give investors an insight into cash flow analysis in [...]

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala: Investment advice

Rakesh Jhunjhunwala, “Indian Warren Buffett” gave some valuable tips on investing in Indian stocks. He was nicknamed as “Young tiger” during Harshad Mehta days. Like Buffett, he started investing in shares from his young days.   Stock Market Investment Tips:   You have to wait for right moment before investing in stocks. Never invest in [...]

Stock Market and business investment: The best advice I ever got

Current financial crisis is creating problems in the professional and investment life of many retail investors. I am hoping that you will learn some lessons by following the advice given by famous investors, businessmen and celebrities.   Stock Market advice:   1. Bill Gates (Microsoft):   “I got lot of advice from Warren Buffett. One of [...]

Investment lessons for indian stock market investors

Stock Markets always teach us many lessons if we are willing to learn by closely observing the changes in a company/sector/overall business environment. My belief is markets are wrong most of the time (stocks are either overvalued/undervalued). That’s why you get wonderful buying and selling opportunities due to these high/low valuations at which stocks trade most of [...]

Know your profile before investing in stock markets

Share market investors should first spend time in understanding themselves before trying to understand stocks. Every investor should get clear cut idea on what type of investor he/she is and how much risk one can take. Greed for high returns sometimes propels us to invest in stocks (especially penny stocks) even though our financial profile does not permit [...]

How bear markets fool stock market investors?

Bear markets last for months but not days – that is the lesson every share market investors should learn. Investors generally get fooled by short term bounce backs during bear market and invest in the early stage of stock market crashes. During downturn, stock markets tend to fall over a prolonged duration.   I am not [...]

How world is slipping into recession in 2011

Economies of developed countries are suffering from debt crisis while economies of fast growing developing nations are showing clear signs of slowdown in 2011. Except Japan, no other big economy is technically not entered into recession. But, 3-4 large economies are on the verge of recession. We will know about it in 3-6 months. Growth numbers propelled [...]

Best Indian stocks during 2008-09 Bear Market

US debt crisis, European PIGS and inflation in emerging economies are creating fears among investors about Bear Market. Business & Economy and India Today published cover stories on slowdown in Indian economy. Some analysts are treating US Q2 GDP numbers as warning signals for upcoming recession. High inflation-interest rates, crisis in Government, rising costs and economic [...]

Stock market advice for new retail investors

Retail investors generally invest in share market without even doing basic research. Many retail investors do not even take advice from financial advisors before making investments. They assume that one can easily make money basing on stock market tips.   10 questions share market investors ask themselves:   1. Business model of the company: Whether you [...]